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Commonly Asked Questions

What are some of the benefits of the International Student Program?

  • To facilitate a cross-cultural experience for both the international student and the host family
  • To provide an opportunity for international students to learn about Canadian culture and traditions
  • To bring new perspectives into our classrooms and afford local students the opportunity make relationships with students from other countries to broaden their viewpoint, celebrate diversity and develop a more global mindset
  • To give international students the experience of being part of a Canadian family
  • To facilitate the development of the international student’s English proficiency
  • To ensure our local schools remain viable by contributing to student enrollment
  • To enhance our local economy

What do I need to provide for my student?

  • A safe, comfortable, friendly, English speaking environment
  • A clean and well maintained home
  • A bedroom with a window, door, adequate heating, bed and linens, dresser, lamp and study area
  • Access to bathroom and laundry facilities
  • Three nutritious, well-balanced meals per day, as well as appropriate snacks
  • Access to telephone, internet (wifi) and television
  • Transportation for students to school/social events
  • Exposure to Canadian culture and local attractions

How do I develop a healthy relationship with my student?

  • Include the student as a family member in day to day activities and responsibilities
  • Respect the student’s culture, religion and values
  • Communicate daily with your student
  • Involve the student in various activities and outings
  • Establish fair household rules

What are some rules of the International Student Program?

  • Students must follow your house rules and be respectful
  • Students are prohibited from smoking, drinking alcohol or using illicit drugs
  • Students are not allowed to drive a vehicle that requires an operator’s license


  • Adhere to Mountain View School Division policies
  • Treat students with respect and dignity
  • Maintain confidentiality in matters related to the International students
  • Travel with your student out of province must be approved by the Homestay Manager
  • Abide by Canadian and provincial laws

How do I cover the costs involved in hosting an International student?

  • The Mountain View School Division International Student Program pays a stipend (not considered as income) for hosting a student. This money goes towards food, transportation and activities you engage in with your student

What if the student is sick or hurt?

  • Treat the student as you would your own child. If necessary, make an appointment with your family doctor and attend the appointment with the student
  • Students have health insurance to cover the costs of doctor’s appointments and some prescriptions


What if I have to be away for a period of time?

  • For short periods (1-2 days), arrangements can be made with other homestay families to keep your student. Please inform your Homestay Manager
  • For longer periods (more than 3 days), temporary homestay placement will be arranged in consultation with the Homestay Manager. You will need to pay a fee of $25/day to the temporary homestay

What if there are issues or problems?

  • Firstly, attempt to discuss the matter with the student
  • Secondly, inform the Homestay Manager about the issue
  • Be open to mediation with the student and the Homestay Manager
  • If there is no satisfactory resolution, the student will be transferred to a different home

How do I apply to be a homestay parent?

  • Complete a Homestay Application
  • Send the application form to the Homestay Manager
  • Your Homestay Manager will do a home assessment and interview
  • You will be required to complete a Criminal Record Check and Child Abuse Registry Check
  • Once everything is approved, we will try our best to match your homestay family to a suitable student