COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

As we navigate the implications of COVID-19 in Mountain View School Division and within our international student community, we will provide updates on this page as new information becomes available.
Page last updated:  April 7, 2020
With the March 31st, 2020 announcement by Manitoba Education that school classes will be suspended indefinitely, we understand ISP students will have a lot of questions. The International Student Program staff will be in discussions over the next few days and continue to update you when we know more. Here is what we know now:


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At this time, classes will be suspended indefinitely. This means there is no specific return date. When our Chief Public Health Officer deems it safe to return to school, students can return. However, we do not know when that will happen.
Students must continue to be actively engaged in learning. Students must finish their initial learning package that was given for the initial 9-day suspension from classes by Thursday, April 9th. It is still to be determined how these packages will be delivered back to schools. We will let you know when that information becomes available.
The new learning content will be delivered starting on April 13th. This will be offered as online learning (unless students do not have connectivity) and cover the essential course content (outcomes) that students will need to display understanding of to receive their credit. Teachers will be in contact with students through their MVSD emails or phone. These are preferred methods, but some teachers may use alternatives.
To get a credit in the course, students MUST show that they meet the course outcomes. Students will do this by completing the initial learning package and the on-line assignments that will be facilitated by teachers starting April 13th. The student’s grade at the time of suspension will be their baseline grade (unless incomplete assignments were not yet entered into POWERSCHOOL at that time). This means that their mark cannot go down from here. However, students may be able to raise that mark if their distance learning activities and assessment show greater understanding. But once again, students will not receive their credit unless they complete the outcomes of the course facilitated by the on-line assignments provided by teachers. If they do not complete the online material, students will receive an incomplete for that course.
Students will receive a report card at the end of June.
There will not be grade 12 provincial exams. They have been cancelled. However, learning activities and assessment will continue to take place. You can raise your grade and have a better grasp of the curriculum by continuing with your courses.
All students that were on track to graduate will do so. They will not be held back because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, it will probably look differently than you imagined. We imagine that the grad ceremony that you expected in June will most likely not happen, as that will be a large gathering.
At this time, we are not asking students to go home. They can stay with their homestay families. However, in the coming days we will discuss with our provincial colleagues the best way to move forward with the student’s best interest in mind. The ISP would like to thank our homestay families for continuing to host our students in their homes.
With the announcement that classes will be suspended indefinitely, we understand if students will now want to go home. If your parents want you to come home, they will need to work with your agent to arrange for travel and ensure that they communicate with the ISP Coordinator. Depending on your home country, this may or not be an option due to travel restrictions.
There are many things you can do. You can work on your homework package and your Physical Education hours (gr. 11-12), help your family out and learn new things. It is a great time to call people, read books and play some board games. You can go for a walk or take a bike ride, but only if you follow strict social distancing rules (always 2 metres apart from someone and no gatherings). If ISP is informed that students are not practicing strict social distancing practices, there will be consequences. As per usual, you must follow your homestay rules.
You cannot go to anybody’s house and you cannot have a sleepover.
Of course. Our communication app BAND has a texting and voice call function. If you want to chat, just send us a text through BAND and we can set up a time to talk.