COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates

As we navigate the implications of COVID-19 in Mountain View School Division and within our international student community, we will provide updates on this page as new information becomes available.
Page last updated:  March 24, 2020
  • As a proactive response to the spread of COVID-19, Manitoba Education has directed all public schools in the province to suspend classes from March 23 to April 10. As a result, international students will not have classes during this time. Students will be given learning packages on March 20th.

  • Because circumstances and information are changing rapidly, parents, agents, homestay families, and students are encouraged to visit the MVSD website regularly for the most current information:

  • If current students are experiencing any specific health concerns, they should visit the following link: They may then be advised to call Health Links line at 204-788-8200 or 1-888-315-9257 (toll-free). Please notify ISP staff of any direction provided by Health Links.

  • It is extremely important for all students to exercise prevention measures such as social distancing, proper handwashing with soap and water, coughing or sneezing into your sleeve, not touching your face and keeping cell phone and other surfaces disinfected.


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Absences during the period of March 16 – 20 will not appear on report cards. Absences will not be recorded during the suspension of classes (March 23 – April 10) and will not appear on report cards.
At this time, classes will be suspended from March 23rd to April 10th. We will take direction from the Minister of Education and provide updates as the situation evolves.
At this time, we are not asking students to go home. They can stay with their homestay families until at least mid- April, at which time we will re-evaluate. That re-evaluation will be based on whether school may start again, availability of flights, and safety levels in other countries. Understand, we would never force a student to navigate airports and possible flight delays, if the situation has not improved. The ISP would like to thank our homestay families for continuing to host our students in their homes. We are truly grateful.
If your parents want you to come home, they will need to work with your agent to arrange for travel and ensure that they communicate with the ISP office. Depending on your home country, it may not be possible to arrange return travel for some time. Please contact the ISP coordinator directly at or 1-204-648-5214 if you have immediate concerns.
MVSD is currently reviewing our refund policy considering these exceptional circumstances. Please contact the ISP coordinator directly at or 1-204-648-5214 if you have immediate concerns.
If it happens that you are unable to return to your home country in June because of COVID-19 travel restrictions, the ISP will make sure you are safe and have a place to stay in MVSD.
We do not know all the answers to this question. We will monitor this daily and await direction from the Minister of Education.
There are many things you can do. You can work on your homework package and your Physical Education hours (gr. 11-12), help your family out and learn new things. It is a great time to call people, read books and play some board games. As per usual, you must follow your homestay rules.
If students go out during this time, they must follow all the recommended hygiene and social distancing practices.
Effective March 24th, students are NOT allowed to visit other people’s homes. We appreciate that students are taking this seriously and doing their part to help contain the virus.