Support Every Step of the Way!

International students who attend MVSD schools can expect:

  • Committed and engaged homestay families 
  • Dedicated educators who fulfill our motto of “Keeping Learners at the Centre”
  • Welcoming communities that take pleasure in being our students “second home”

Above all, the ISP takes great pleasure in supporting our international students in this amazing, life-changing experience every step of the way.


Before you arrive

Your first connection will be a video conference with the Coordinator of the ISP.  After this first connection, you can feel comfortable to contact him or your homestay manager with any question you might have before arrival. 


At the Airport

You will be welcomed to Canada by Mountain View School Division ISP Staff at Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport.  They will transport you safely to your new homestay family. 


Before School Starts (in MVSD)

ISP staff will make sure you are prepared for your first day of class.  School tours, orientations and check-ins with your homestay family all take place during your first days here.


The First Month of School

ISP Staff will help you integrate into family life, school life and community life.  Based on your interests, they will help you get involved in extra-curricular activities in your school and community.


Throughout Your Time Here

ISP staff will be with you every step of the way in terms of academic support, homestay support, post-secondary advice, facilitating extra-curricular involvement, providing Canadian experiences and anything else that students need help with.  Essentially, they make sure you make the most of your experience while you are at MVSD.


When great students get the support they require, it facilitates their sense of belonging, gives them the courage to explore and try new things, and helps create the culture of success that MVSD fosters.  Alongside caring homestay families, encouraging teachers and your welcoming communities, the ISP staff will support you every step of the way because they love what they do and they want your experience to be unforgettable.